U-Pick at the Orchard
is finished for the season.
Thank you all for helping to pick our fruit !

Orchard Market is open 9 am - 5 pm everyday until Thanksgiving.

Now taking orders for pies & fresh dressed turkeys!
Visit Baugher's restaurant, farm market, orchard, and pick your own in Westminster, Maryland.
Restaurant: 410-848-7413      |      Fruit Market: 410-848-7490      |      Orchard Market: 410-848-5541      |      U-Pick: 410-857-0111

Baugher's Restaurant & Fruit Market * 289 W. Main Street * Westminster, MD 21158
Baugher's Orchards, Farm Market & Pick Your Own * 1015 Baugher Road * Westminster, MD 21158

Call Baugher's at each location.

Our Phone Numbers

(410) 848-7413

Fruit Market
(410) 848-7490

Orchards & Farm Market
(410) 848-5541

Pick Your Own Hotline
(410) 857-0111

(410) 848-5313

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