Baugher’s - Our Family History in Westminster, Maryland

The Baugher Family History of Farming in Carroll County Dates Back to 1904.

The baugher family portrait in 1917.The roots of the "Baugher" family began in Germany in 1725 with the birth of Johannes Georgius Bager. He came to the United States in 1752, changed his name to Baugher and married Elizabeth Schwab. They had 13 children; one of these was Aaron who raised a very large family.

One of these children, Daniel bought a 60 acre farm in Carroll County in 1904. He, his wife Mary and their 6 children depended on the farm for their livelihood and all were involved in the daily farm needs. These were hard times and education was of secondary importance to the success of the farm.

In 1920 Daniel planted the first 12 acres of orchard, convinced that a good orchard would turn his financial situation around.

In 1913, Edward Baugher was born to Daniel and Mary. He completed seventh grade and immediately became responsible for helping his family build their orchard and farm. At age 19, he married Romaine Leppo. They began a lifetime of farming together. When his father died in 1933, they purchased the farm from the other family members for $5,500.

Their first son, Allan, was born in 1935, followed by the birth of Daniel in 1939. Romaine started her long career of baking to help her family and to sell to neighbors. She was selling pies for 25 cents when her son told her they were too cheap, so she raised the price to 50 cents. Along with her delicious pies, the family was also selling produce in town.

Romaine and Edward Baugher farming together

Edward soon adapted modern ways of farming as they became available. He quickly adapted to the use of a tractor and cultivator to prepare his soil. Baugher’s was one of the first farms in Carroll County to install electricity in the barn to improve work production.

With World War II raging in 1943, times were tough for all in the United States. Edward and Romaine acquired an additional 85 acre fruit farm form a neighbor on a handshake with no money down.

His first peach season was a success, allowing him to pay for the farm in a timely fashion.
During this time, daughter Miriam was born in 1945.

Interior shot of Baugher's Restaurant when it opened in 1948 Exterior of Baugher's Restaurant when it opened

In 1948 Baugher’s Restaurant opened in January. The public opinion was that it would not survive. Today it is a thriving part of the Baugher business enterprise.

Allan and Nate in front of the REstaurnat and Fruit MarketAllan, their eldest son, really loved working side by side with his parents and was eager to learn the business. Immediatley after his graduation from high school in 1953, he began working full-time on the farm. Daniel married in 1958 and had four children - Daniel, Scott, Paul, and Heather. Ed and Romaine adopted Dottie. Daniel went on to operate a 500-acre grain farm with his son Scott, in Taneytown, MD. Scott Baugher then took over full operations of Baugher Grain Farm.

Allan married Marjorie Hull in 1961 and they had five children - Kay, Lynn, Nathan, Lorraine, and Dwight. Marjorie took over bookkeeping for the farm and continues today to handle this critical part of the business.

Miriam married Gene Helton, who worked on the farm for a few years, until he lost his leg in a tractor accident.  During his healing, they were called to the ministry work.  They left the farm and had four children: Vince, Andrew, Elizabeth, & Joshua.  They became leaders in the Baptist church.

Over the years many changes took place at Baugher’s Orchard. Allan built the 20 bushel wooden bulk bins to harvest apples. He and Edward built the packing house and cold storage facility allowing greater production and storage capabilities.

In 1970 Allan Baugher developed the Appleman logo, with help from a local designer, Bill Weaver. It became the iconic logo for Baugher’s. He is now easily recognized as the graphical “face” of Baugher’s.

Romaine Baugher baking her famous pies.Romaine Baugher's dream of operating a bakery became a reality in 1981 when Allan built Baugher’s Orchard Bakery kitchen, a state-of-the-art modern facility. She had been baking pies and cakes from a small area in her basement since 1930 and at age 70 finally had the commercial kitchen of her dreams.

1983 marked the first foray into agri-tourism with Pick Your Own strawberries. From that time to today, Baugher’s has continued to grow, in retail and wholesale sales of fresh fruit and in agri-tourism offerings. The centennial celebration of Baugher’s was in 2004, and they continue to make history as their farm and offerings grow. Romaine Baugher lived long enough to celebrate this centennial milestone; she died at age 94 in 2006.

The decendants of Edward and Romaine continue to run the entire Baugher Enterprise today. Baugher’s is a true gem of Carroll County.